Liposuction or liposculpture in Bogota, Colombia

With liposuction (liposculpture) we reshape your figure in those areas of the body that are affected by an excessive accumulation of fat.

What is liposuction or liposculpture?

Also known as liposculpture,  lipoplasty, body contour surgery or simply lipo, liposuction in Bogota is one of the most performed and most popular cosmetic surgical procedures, often combined with other procedures, such as transferring fat to other sites, for example buttocks.

Liposuction is a technique by which we remove excess fat from different areas to be treated (as desired by the patient, helped by a proper and correct diagnosis of lipodystrophy.)

Depending on the technology used we can talk about laser-assisted liposuction, energy-assisted or mechanically (PAL), laser-assisted.

The evolution of lipo is given by body muscle definition (BMD) (HD, 4K, 3D,4D) is an advanced liposuction technique in Bogota by which we can sculpt the muscles and give a more athletic look; of the latter we can say that we have 3 degrees of definition; mild, moderate and strong.  Depending on the characteristics and clinical conditions and athletic condition of the same.

This surgery involves surgical removal of fatty tissue, using thin metal cannulas through small incisions.

Liposuction surgery in Bogota sculpts the body, reducing unwanted fat deposits in regions such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, back, arms, neck, calves, ankles, and breasts.

Although liposculpture cannot replace diet and exercise, it can reduce fatty tissue that builds up in some parts of the body that are very resistant to traditional weight loss methods. The best candidates for liposculpture are those with firm and elastic skin, who have localized sites of adipose tissue (fat) in certain areas of the body. Age is not of greater importance, although in older patients the skin is less elastic and its results may be somewhat lower than those of younger patients.

When to get liposuction in Bogota

This type of intervention, which serves to model the figure and not to lose weight, is aimed at those  people who are within a normal weight according to their constitution. People whose area to be treated has recently undergone some other surgery or has weak blood supply and all those who have a lung or heart disease should avoid undergoing a lipo sculpture.

What is the postoperative liposuction like?

After the operation the tissues become edematous, taking 3-4 weeks to reduce their volume so the results can be considered definitive up to 3 months after the intervention. A girdle, stocking slab or elastic bandage will be placed over the treated area to control swelling and bleeding, and to help the skin adapt to the new contour. It is usually necessary to wear it for 2 or 3 weeks, and then only during the day for a few more weeks, depending on the instructions of your plastic surgeon. Antibiotics may also be given to prevent infection.

Healing is a gradual process. Your plastic surgeon will tell you to start walking as soon as possible (to prevent venous thrombus in your legs), but to not perform intense activities for 2 to 4 weeks. Stitches will be removed between 5 and 10 days, and you can return to work in 2 or 3 days, or at most, after 2 weeks from the intervention, depending on the extent of the liposuction and the recommendations of your surgeon. Inflammation and bruising will go away within the first or second month after liposuction; however, minimal inflammation can be maintained for 6 or more months.

Liposuction – liposculpture before and after photos

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