Gluteoplasty is a surgical procedure to enhance and reshape the buttocks.

Gluteoplasty surgical technique

We use a single small vertical incision pathway located in the middle line between the two gluteal areas so that later it will be perfectly ­dissimulated between both glutes.

The prostheses are going to be placed below the major gluteal muscle, so these are not going to be externally evident, but they will give us the volume and curvature of the ­desired buttocks, in a natural way to have a proper transition with the waist and hips and the relief of the implants will not be perceived nor they will be noticeable to the touch.

The development of prostheses in recent years has allowed them to be special implants composed of cohesive silicone gel, with a greater consistency and resistance than breast implants and that have been designed for the characteristics of this anatomical region with a great adaptability to the human body.

We often associate liposuction in the glute areas in this intervention (depending on the needs).

The intervention usually lasts about 90 minutes. and we prefer to perform it under general anesthesia. The patient will remain in the Clinic for 24 hours under observation, the next day she will be discharged.

Ideal candidates

If you are interested in a buttock lift in Bogota to help improve the shape of your buttocks, you should first see if you qualify for the procedure. A good gluteoplasty candidate should:

  • Be in good general and mental health.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Not smoke or stop doing it. Cigarette smoke can have a negative impact on your ability to heal after surgery. If you are a smoker and still want a buttock lift, you will need to leave it at least temporarily for a specific period of time before and after the procedure.
  • Have the excess skin and fat on the buttocks that it wants to remove.

Don’t plan to lose any more weight, as this may interfere with the results. Weight loss after surgery can adversely affect your results.

Gluteoplasty Postoperative

During recovery time the patient should wear a special girdle over the intervened body areas. For this reason, the patient is recommended to wear large clothing, so that there is sufficient space for the bandages between its skin and clothing.

To alleviate the pain that arises in the intervened area, the patient must take the medicines in the amount indicated by the Plastic Surgeon in Bogotá Dr. Guevara.

Depending on the recovery and following the surgeon’s recommendations, the patient should wait at least one month to resume physical exercises and heavy work. If the patient uses tobacco, it should stop smoking for at least three weeks after surgery, in order to avoid inconveniences with healing.

The patient should refrain from taking medications such as aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs, which may cause bleeding in some people.

How long do gluteoplasty results last?

The results of a buttock lift can last for years, in many cases, up to approximately 20 years. Of course, nothing can stop the aging process, so the best way to make sure the results last as long as possible is to maintain a healthy diet with a regular exercise routine.

Factors that affect the gluteal shape

It can be extremely difficult to maintain that elusive and ideal gluteal shape, especially with so many factors that negatively affect it. As you age, time has a profoundly negative impact on the shape of your buttocks. Genetics can also play a significant role in the way your buttocks change. Finally, diet and exercise can have a noticeable effect.


Age is likely to have the greatest effect on the appearance of your buttocks. Once you reach age 20, the shape of your buttocks is usually fully formed and has a lot of healthy fat there. Your buttocks can be firm and tall, even if you are not physically active and lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Unfortunately for most women, things start going downhill once they reach their 30s, or even before that date if you get pregnant. Muscle mass and tone, changing cells and skin elasticity begin to decrease. These decreases contribute to sagging and wrinkles.


The shape of your buttocks is primarily directed by your genes. Their genetic makeup determines how the muscle groups of their buttocks are placed and contoured, as well as the width and overall structure of the pelvic bones that support them.

Your genes also dictate how your body stores and distributes your fat. Exercise can only change the shape of your buttocks to a certain extent.

Diet and exercise

Age and genetics are no reason to neglect diet and exercise. A strong dedication to exercise can help build the muscle mass of your buttocks, toning them in a more attractive way.

A healthy exercise routine can also help your buttocks fight changes that age and severity. Starting an early-life exercise routine can help preserve and prolong the buttocks you had in your 20s and delay sagging.

Buttock enlargement techniques

What happens during a particular buttock lift depends on the patient and its aesthetic goal. Sagging usually involves removing the skin, liposuction can be performed to sculpt the buttocks, and implants can be used to add volume.

When implants are used, the procedure is known as a buttock lift with implants or gluteoplasty.

Increased buttocks without implants

In this procedure, the Plastic Surgeon in Bogotá Dr. Guevara will make a small incision in your buttocks to remove the extra thin layers of fat, tissue and skin. The sutures can be placed deep inside the muscle and tissue to lift and maintain the new shape of your buttocks in the desired position.

There are four main types of buttock lifts, each capable of sculpting the shape of the buttocks. They are differentiated by the type of incision made by the Plastic Surgeon in Bogota to correct sagging:

An upper buttock enlargement focuses on the contours of the top of your buttocks. The incision is made through the curve of the top of your buttocks, through which the underlying tissue can be removed with liposuction.

If your problem is mild to moderate sagging, your surgeon may remove tissue from the bottom of your buttocks. This helps to reposition the fat in the lower gluteal area and lifts the buttock crease at the base of the buttocks.

A lateral incision can be made on each side of each buttock to treat the slight sinking of the hips and the outer edges of your buttocks. This method limits scars.

A “butterfly” buttock lift uses an incision made from the center crease and continues upwards. This technique is good for tightening the hanging tissue, but usually does not lift the buttock shape.

Increased buttocks with implants

You can choose to include implants in your gluteoplasty surgery in Bogota if you have flat or poorly defined buttocks, especially if you have very little subcutaneous fat. With this procedure, the implants are inserted through a hidden incision in the central crease of the buttocks.

There are three main types of implants available:

Sterile saline solution implants

They are considered the safest option because in the unlikely event of a rupture, your body will absorb the water harmlessly. On the other hand, they are not popular because they can break when punctured abruptly or with a strong impact, as a result of a fall. They are also criticized for not feeling as natural as other options, as they tend to be firmer to the touch.

Silicone implants

Cohesive gel implants are another option and are similar to breast implants. However, surgeons have started to move away from this type of implant, due to the amount of stress your body suffers, even in normal daily activities.The chances of a silicone gel implant breaking increase under the stress of your body’s weight.

Solid silicone implants

They are the most popular type of buttock implants used today. These implants are different from breast implants because they are completely solid but still flexible, with a much more suitable feel and texture for their application. They come in a variety of shapes or can even be cut to size to suit you. And due to to their solid design, they can’t break.

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