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Give your breasts the most suitable size for your figure with natural results and dimensions provided to your body with a breast reduction treatment in Bogota.

What is a Reduction Mammoplasty?

Having firm breasts and that are proportioned with the rest of the body is a basic beauty goal that many women desire, and that excessively large breasts prevents them from achieving.

Breast hypertrophy (large breasts), which is often accompanied by back pain, is corrected with this procedure consisting of the resection of fatty and breast tissues with the latest techniques achieving a more harmonious result.

In the first consultation, you will receive information about the intervention, and the Plastic Surgeon in Bogota, Dr. Guevara, will carry out the medical history. Pre-breast reduction consultations require breast scanning, measuring certain parameters and overall health, and taking photographs. In extreme cases we may recommend a mammogram. This will not only rule out the small possibility of breast cancer but will reveal the composition of the breast. Once we know how much fat and glandular tissue the breast contains, we can choose the right surgical technique.

Breast screening along with age and background will help to request additional tests (analytic, electrocardiogram, ultrasound, etc.) prior to the operation. Measurements will help to decide the technique to use and the photographs will serve to evaluate the result. It is important to reveal if you have any major illnesses; if you are a smoker; if you take any medication; or if you are allergic to any medicine or product. Our advice is that you should ask everything that concerns you. It is important that you tell your surgeon what your expectations are, so that the surgeon can explain if they can be met or if there are limitations to them.

Dr. Guevara  will explain what results can be obtained and which surgical technique is best suited for your reduction mammoplasty. He will explain the techniques and type of anesthesia that will be used, and where the surgery will be performed.

Excessively large breasts are physically uncomfortable and cause psychological problems by limiting the patient to exercise or dressing in a certain way. Sometimes the chest is so large that it creates back, neck and shoulder pain as well as irritating the skin underneath it.

With the reduction mammoplasty intervention, we try to get a chest size which is proportionate to the patient’s thorax, correct asymmetries if any and give the chest an appropriate shape. The patient improves in her comfort and the discomfort that the weight created on her back, shoulders and neck. She will also find a breast size provided to the rest of her anatomy and in a more beautiful way so she will be more stimulated to exercise without discomfort.

To reduce the size of a breast we will have to make incisions around the areola and from it to the sub mammary groove. On certain occasions, but not always, when breasts are larger, it is necessary to complete the scars with a horizontal scar in the sub mammary groove.

Benefits of breast reduction

A reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction is a surgical procedure that serves to reduce breast size while elevating and improving its shape.

Through this technique we manage to remove excess skin, fat and gland, returning balanced measures to the breast and proportionate with the rest of the body.

  • Improves back pain and weight secondary to breast hypertrophy.
  • Improves skin irritation in breast folds.
  • The results are definitive, the breast does not increase in size again.
  • The aesthetic results are very good and the patient regains a high degree of safety and self-confidence.


After the breast reduction operation you will feel some discomfort a few days after surgery. However, discomfort can be controlled with medication. In any case you must be accompanied by a responsible adult for a day or two, who can help you in whatever you need. You will be swollen for a while. To help reduce inflammation, wear an elastic garment for some time. Although most of the inflammation will go away within a few weeks, it can take three months or more, until the final outcome of the surgery is apparent. In the meantime, it’s important to get back to normal life.

You should recover progressively and return to your usual activity when you feel good – which could be in one to two days after surgery. If there are sutures, they are removed in one to two weeks after the procedure. We will advise you to limit your physical activity at first, avoiding heavy exercises or sudden movements for three weeks. In general, it will be about a month before you can return to your normal physical activity. You should avoid the exposure of scars in the sun for at least six months. Sunlight can cause permanent pigmentation changes in the skin, causing darkening of the scars. If sun exposure is imperative, use sunscreens. The results of the procedure are significant and permanent. If your expectations are realistic, the changes will be good and you will be satisfied with your new appearance.

Preguntas frecuentes e información adicional sobre la mamoplastia de reducción


13 facts you need to know about a reduction mammoplasty

For many women, having large breasts is not a synonym of sensuality, because carrying a couple of extra kilos can cause all kinds of problems, from back and neck pain to even rashes and skin infections. For these reasons the breast reduction surgery has become quite common, even though in some cases it is misunderstood.

13 facts to consider:

  • Breast reduction is possible for any size:

To apply or be a candidate for breast reduction, there is no limit or minimum on breast size, because it is an appropriate intervention for anyone who can benefit from the procedure. However, this is an operation aimed at relieving pain, therefore it is advised for people suffering from back pain and those who feel breast interference when performing physical activities.

  • It is not just for people who have always had large breasts:

Another surprising fact about breast reduction is that it’s not just for people who have had large breasts since puberty. This, because over time the body changes and with it, in some cases there is a need for reduction.

  • Breast reduction is possible for people of all ages:

Breast reduction is not intended exclusively for mothers or older people, because young women who have problems because of the size of their breasts are also candidates for the procedure. The important thing for this surgery is that the patient is healthy and can tolerate it.

  • It is an outpatient procedure:

Although it may seem like a long procedure, breast reduction is actually an outpatient surgery that lasts about 3 hours, and due to its nature, provides a quick recovery, allowing patients to return home the same day, return to their routine after a week and perform unrestricted activities after a month and a half.

  • Each breast reduction also includes an uplift:

Breast reduction, despite its name, is not exclusively about the removal of tissue. It also involves breast lifting to adapt the skin and adjust the reduced tissues, seeking to provide a more natural appearance and avoid sagging.

  • You cannot choose a new cup size:

It may seem appealing to imagine a new cup size, but this is not really how the surgery works, because despite having a visualization of how the breasts look, it is not possible to know what the perfect or suitable cup will be before the postoperative. So, with this in mind, it’s important that you initially focus on shape and not size.

  • Your ability to breastfeed may change:

While it is a myth that breast reduction will prevent you from breastfeeding in the future, it is worth considering that it may happen that some women cannot breastfeed due to internal scar tissue or the relocation of the nipple resulting from surgery. However, depending on the technique used, breastfeeding may or may not be affected.

  • You may or may not lose sensitivity in your nipples:

Although it is not common, in some cases patients report losing sensation in the nipples. A factor that can occur, due that it can be affected by a period of time or by the development of persistent numbness, generated by scar tissue.

  • You will have scars, but not as bad as you might think:

A major impediment to many people who consider breast reduction is scar healing, because it’s daunting to consider having a permanent reminder of surgery. Regarding this factor, surgeons seek to make them as less overwhelming as possible but they warn that their condition depends on the procedure and the skin’s natural ability to heal.

  • The surgery does not guarantee symmetry:

Having asymmetrical breasts is one of the many reasons people opt for a breast reduction. However, although surgery is a science, it is impossible to guarantee complete symmetry after the procedure.

  • Breast reduction can be done only with liposuction:

Patients arrive at our office with the expectation that breast reduction surgery is performed only with liposuction. That is not the case, because the application of this surgery alone, would leave an excess of skin that would make the breasts look deflated and get an unsightly appearance. In addition, the tissue of the mammary gland is a very hard tissue that does not allow liposuction.

  • The procedure may reduce the risk of cancer:

One of the additional benefits of surgery is the reduction of breast cancer risk, because it decreases the amount of breast tissue.

  • Your breasts will require a different type of care for a moment:

Using a brassiere remains important after a breast reduction, because no matter how high you are, your breasts will continue to change over time and gravity, as everyone else´s does.

What is a Breast reduction?

Breast reduction or breast reduction mammoplasty is one of the techniques of plastic surgery, which although not very common, is increasingly requested by patients when they come to consultation. The main goal of this plastic surgery is to reduce the volume and fat present in breast tissues, significantly changing the shape and position of the breasts making them lighter and firmer.

There are many situations that lead a woman to undergo a reduction mammoplasty, in most cases it has to do with her self-esteem, insecurity and personal dissatisfaction.  Although for many women the greatest desire is to increase the volume of their bust, for others it is a matter of concern to have breasts that are too large and prominent.

When to have a reduction mammoplasty?

Back problems: this happens when the woman has very bulky and heavy breasts, causing the posture of her spine to change, tending to deform and adopt unrecommended positions, in order to “relieve the weight caused by the size of the breasts”; the spine deforms and leans forward forming humps and problems that will later affect the patient’s bone and muscle health, for example, women with bulky breasts mainly manifest back, shoulder and neck pains at the time of consultation.

Breast asymmetry: another reason for a woman to have a reduction mammoplasty is when they have some kind of very marked asymmetry, that is, they have different shapes and are not harmonious with respect to the rest of the body and between them. It is important to clarify, that normally, all women have some degree of breast asymmetry, even if it is not very evident.

Aesthetic and emotional problems: these kinds of drawbacks occur very often at the time of performing any plastic surgery, but in this surgery mainly the aesthetic component is very linked to the emotional aspect, because if the breasts are not adequate in size and proportional to the body, women will not only feel insecure, in many cases they manifest that they cannot buy clothes of a size appropriate for the size of their breasts, which fills them with frustration and directly affects their self-esteem.

Sagging breasts after breastfeeding: pregnancy is undoubtedly the state that leaves the most footprints in a woman’s body and although they are very significant, on many occasions they affect the self-esteem of mothers, many of them are left with the bust sagging and shapeless, it is in these cases that a reduction mammoplasty helps the breasts regain their shape, volume and aesthetics.

What are the results of a reduction mammoplasty?

What we can say is that reduction mammoplasty surgery seeks to improve the shape and position of the bust when the size of the mammary gland is reduced, this also helps to reduce the size of the areola, since when the breasts become smaller it is important to improve the shape and proportion of the nipple.

For this reduction mammoplasty surgery and for any other it is very important to discuss the expectations of the patient with the Plastic Surgeon in Bogota, since this is decisive for the success or failure of a surgery. The patient should be allowed to abide by and execute all recommendations she receives before and after plastic surgery. It is also very important that the patient is convinced that the Plastic Surgeon in Bogota to which she attends, has all the necessary certifications and experience that guarantee the procedures to be performed; the patient must ensure and be convinced that the place where the surgery is going to be performed has all the guarantees and safety to perform surgical interventions and that her life is mainly in professional and ethical hands, so that the patient has the necessary peace of mind to leave her life and body in certified hands.

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