Brazilian butt lift – Buttock Lipo-injection

Increasing buttocks with your own fat(lipo-transfer in buttocks) helps you achieve the shape and volume you’ve always wanted using your own fat and with the best technologies.

What is a gluteal lipo-transfer?

Gluteal lipo-transfer plastic surgery uses liposuction to remove unwanted and extra fat from the body’s locations near the buttocks. That fat is injected into the buttocks to give it a more aesthetic contour.

In essence, the transfer of fat to the buttocks is actually a two-phase surgery:

Phase 1: Liposuction

During the first segment of the procedure, the fat is removed by liposuction. Because areas of unwanted excess fat focus on this part of the surgery. Lipo-transfer has the added advantage of improving the overall shape and appearance of your body, not just improving your buttocks.

The most common fat donor sites are the stomach, the inner thighs, and the lower back.

These are not the only areas that can be used as donor sites, but they tend to be where fat is most abundant.

Regardless of where the fat is removed, it is evenly removed from both sides to ensure that the body remains symmetrical. Once enough fat has been removed, it is processed and cleaned to remove impurities, tissues and liquids.

Phase 2: Buttock Lipo-transfer

Lipo-transfer into the buttocks is a procedure involving a number of injections of your own purified fat back into your buttocks. The  Plastic Surgeon in Bogotá, Colombia Dr. Guevara  sculpts the entire area, which makes your gluteal region larger, rounder and more youthful.

The complete gluteal lipo-transfer procedure usually takes a minimum of 2 hours, but you can expect it to take several more hours if you are looking for a more dramatic change. This time interval can be affected by a number of several factors, including:

– The amount of fat that needs to be removed.

– The duration of the fat purification process before lipo-injection.

– The extent of the contour required for your buttocks.

When the procedure is complete, you’ll likely experience swelling and bruising that lasts several weeks. Any pain or discomfort after surgery will be controlled by prescription medications.

The results of the procedure will be immediately apparent after surgery. However, it is important to remember that your back will be swollen for a few weeks and that it will decrease slightly in size during the course of your recovery.

Your final results, and the size of your new buttocks, will be completely apparent after approximately 3 months of recovery and healing.

Buttock enlargement plastic surgery with own fat (lipo-transfer in buttocks) provides results that look and feel totally natural (unlike silicone buttock implants, which can sometimes be visible or palpable), without affecting movement in any way and with a zero risk of allergic reaction, all due to the fact that it is your own fat.

In recent years, this technique has been refined and has become increasingly popular, transforming what was a long, rare and intensive procedure into relatively short outpatient surgery with a remarkably rapid recovery phase.

Weight changes after gluteal lipo-injection

Once you have fully recovered from the procedure, the fat that has been transferred to your back will behave in the same way as the fat in the rest of your body. As your weight changes, your sculpted buttocks will change proportionally. Recovery is a significant help to maintain good health. It is essential that you continue with the healthy lifestyle choices you started in preparing for your gluteal lipo-transfer, including proper nutrition and hydration, as well as an appropriate level of regular physical activity.

One of the most frequent questions about buttock lift refers to weight loss after the procedure. If your surgery is performed by an expert and experienced physician, the essential form of your new figure should remain the same despite any mild weight loss or gain.

That said, the best way to ensure that the results of your gluteal lipo-injection stay beautiful over the next few years is to take care of yourself with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Postoperative of gluteal lipo-injection

  1. Avoid sitting for the next 2 weeks.

The longer you can avoid it during your recovery, the better. You should protect the newly transferred fat until your body can establish a connection to your blood supply and can take hold at your new location.

Putting too much pressure on the new fat can damage some of the cells, which can lead to slits and unsightly end results. This also applies to bedtime: you should try sleeping face down or sideways, with a pillow between your thighs to lean on.

  1. Avoid driving.

You will no longer be able to sit for more than a few minutes at a time, and driving is actually much worse than sitting in your living room.

While driving your car, you need to press the pedals, which push against your buttocks and back. Since you’re applying pressure with your foot, you’re actually causing more pressure on your buttocks than if you were just passively sitting.

  1. No smoking.

You should never smoke before or after any type of medical procedure, but it can be especially harmful in the case of lipo-transfer into the buttocks.

Smoking has a negative impact on how your blood transfers oxygen and essential nutrients to various parts of your body. During your recovery from gluteal lipo-transfer, the fat transferred into your buttocks forges connections to your bloodstream. Smoking directly interferes with this, making it difficult for new blood vessels to form in your body and significantly reduces the quality of blood that reaches new fat cells.

In essence, smoking effectively kills fat. Secondhand smoke can be so bad for your recovery, so avoid passive smoking.

  1. Avoid squats or stretches.

During the first part of your recovery, these movements cause tearing in the tissues of your thighs and buttocks.

  1. Follow the instructions of the Plastic Surgeon in Bogotá Dr. Guevara on the use of compression garments.

Special medical clothing can help you feel comfortable, reduce swelling and even help your body regain its new form.

You may need to wear a compression garment to control the swelling caused by liposuction and another in the buttocks to promote its ideal shape as it heals.

  1. Get up and walk as soon as you can after surgery.

Even if you feel stiff, a small movement can help with blood circulation and reduce swelling. Avoid excessive movement, however, a gentle ride is all your body needs to recover.

  1. Keep that nutrient-rich diet that started before the procedure.

Your body will need the extra calories and nutrients to ensure that the transferred fat successfully connects to your bloodstream and to recover from the trauma of surgery. It may also be helpful to add more healthy salmon, almond or avocado fats.

  1. Maintain a stable weight.

Weight changes after any type of fat transfer can have a negative impact on your results, this is especially true in the case of gluteal lipo-injection.

  1. Be patient waiting for your results.

There will be a noticeable difference right after your surgery. Your buttocks will look larger and rounded right away, but it’s important to note that these aren’t your final results.

The advantages and benefits of gluteal lipo-injection

Gluteal lipo-transfer is a unique-procedure, because it gives your buttocks a more attractive shape and contour using fat derived from your own body.

Since the fat that is eventually grafted into your bottom is extracted from other areas of your body, gluteal lipo-injection provides an ideal solution for people who want well-formed buttocks, but also want to refine their middle section with liposuction. In addition, because the fat used for injection is your own tissue, there is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection.

Of course, it is also important to note that you need enough fat cells to achieve the desired results. Those who don’t have enough fat may need to consider a traditional gluteoplasty  instead.

Here are some of the main benefits of gluteal lipo-injection surgery:

  • Improved or restored volume to the buttocks.
  • Lifting of the lower portion of the buttocks.
  • Better overall shape and body contour.
  • Cellulite reduction.
  • Clothes look and fit you better.
  • Improved body proportions.
  • Highly customizable surgery.

One of the most important drawbacks of implants is that they are molded to specific sizes and volumes. This creates limitations with respect to the range of available options. However, a gluteal lipo-injection offers much more freedom in terms of controlling the exact shape and size of your new buttocks.

This procedure is fully customizable for your goals, so you can get the curves you want without having to settle for a “standardized” size and shape.

Once the fat has been removed, purified and ready for injection, your Plastic Surgeon in Bogota can carefully control the amount that is injected, using enough to allow the fullness and shape you want, exactly where you want it.

Lasting results

The recovery period for the buttock enlargement procedure with your own fat can last several months, but compared to the long-lasting results, it is very short. As fat settles and forges connections to your body’s blood supply, complete results begin to reveal.

Once you’ve fully recovered, you’ll be able to enjoy your new buttocks in the coming years. In fact, many patients have found that with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, their results are permanent. However, aging and weight fluctuations can negatively affect results.

How do I prepare for a gluteal lipo-transfer?

  1. First of all, it is advisable to schedule a free consultation with the Plastic Surgeon in Bogotá Dr. Guevara.

This provides the perfect opportunity for you to address any concerns you may have about the procedure, view before and after photos of the procedure and confirm if you are comfortable with the staff.

  1. Adopt a healthy diet.

Proper hydration and nutrition can help stimulate your immune system, strengthening your body for procedure and recovery.

  1. Keep your stress levels under control.

Activities like yoga, breathing exercises and meditation are great ways to reduce the stress you may feel while preparing for your buttock lipo-transfer. In fact, these are also good practices for working on your recovery.

  1. Buy food and other household essentials in the days leading up to the procedure.

You won’t be able to make strong movements after surgery. Make sure your kitchen is fully equipped, and that any other domestic responsibilities are resolved in advance.

  1. Stop taking all medications and supplements that work as blood thinners.

Two weeks before surgery, this includes aspirin and weight-loss pills.

  1. Buy the necessary medicines before surgery.

As established in point 4, after surgery you will not be able to perform strenuous tasks, for this reason it is a good idea to have all the medicines ready for your recovery period.

  1. Choose loose and comfortable clothing to wear on the day of your surgery.

You’re likely to be sore and uncomfortable after the procedure, tight clothing can increase pain and discomfort.

  1. Keep in touch with Dr. Guevara during your pre-surgical preparation.

Some questions are likely to arise as you prepare for surgery. Dr. Guevara will be vigilant to address any concerns.

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