Plastic surgeon Bogotá, Colombia Dr Jonathan L de guevara

Plastic surgeon Bogotá, Colombia

One of the best plastic surgeons in Bogotá certified by the Colombian Society of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, degree awarded by the Simón Bolívar University of Barranquilla – Erasmo Meoz University Hospital – with extensive preparation in facial aesthetics and body, both surgical and non-surgical.


Plastic and cosmetic surgery has the ultimate goal of eliminating that physical complex that conditions us in our day to day. Our physique can be altered either from birth, by the passage of the years, by pregnancies or as a consequence of a previous surgery having a physical aspect that can limit us. Our goal will be to make our patients forget and overcome this aspect, to feel emotionally more comfortable with themselves by having helped them with a natural result.


As a plastic surgeon in Bogotá, Dr. Guevara will guide you to help you choose the best body plastic surgery procedure taking into account your aesthetic goals and objectives.
All our procedures are carried out under the latest technologies.
Breast Augmentation

An augmentation mammoplasty surgery allows you give volume and shape to a small or sagging breast after pregnancy. It gives the breast a beautiful and natural look highlighting your personal appeal. Read More

Breast Reduction

Give your breasts the most suitable size for your figure with natural results and dimensions provided to your body with a breast reduction treatment in Bogota.Ver más

Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

With a breast lift the shape of the breasts is reaffirmed and improved giving them their youthful and sensual appearance back. Read More

Abdominoplasty / Tummy tuck

Reshape your figure in areas of your body that are affected by excessive fat buildup. Read More


Gluteoplasty is a surgical procedure to enhance and reshape the buttocks. Read more

Liposuction or liposculpture

CWith liposuction (liposculpture) we reshape your figure in those areas of the body that are affected by an excessive accumulation of fat. Read More

Brazilian butt lift

Increasing buttocks with your own fat(lipo-transfer in buttocks) helps you achieve the shape and volume you’ve always wanted using your own fat and with the best technologies. Read more

Laser lipolysis

Laser Lipolysis is the revolution in liposculpture. You’ll get a fit-looking body. By applying artistic 4D technology. Read more


Plastic surgeon in Bogotá Dr. Johnatan L de Guevara

The plastic surgeon in Bogotá Dr Guevara. He is one of the BEST plastic surgeons VALUED BY PATIENTS. specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery certified by the Colombian Society of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgeon graduated from the Universidad del Norte de Barranquilla, Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon of the Erasmus University Hospital Meoz – Simón Bolívar University with extensive preparation in facial and body aesthetics, both surgical and non-surgical, among which are the following rotational sites (preparation sites):

Rotation Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: Integre Spa, Dhara Clinic – Listed as one of the best plastic surgeons.

Rotation in reconstructive Plastic Surgery: Erasmus Hospital Meoz, University IPS

Rotation in maxillofacial and congenital surgery: Erasmo Meoz Hospital

Rotation in Oncological Plastic Surgery: National Cancer Institute.

Rotation Hand surgery: General Clinic of the North, Erasmo Meoz Hospital

Burned rotation: University IPS

Prior to his formal training, he worked as a surgical assistant in plastic surgery, as a plastic surgeon in Bogotá in Bogotá of the Burned Unit of Simón Bolívar Hospital, and worked in institutions with extensive experience in the country.


Excelente Cirujano, muy profesional, confiable, siempre aclara todas tus dudas, te sientes en casa y los resultados son verdaderamente excelentes. (Translated by Google) Excellent surgeon, very professional, reliable, always clears up all your doubts, you feel at home and the results are truly excellent.leticia cardenasSeptember 13, 2022
100% satisfecha, mi experiencia con el Dr.L Guevara y su equipo fue increible. El profesionalismo, dedicacion y experiencia son notables. Sin duda alguna puedo recomendar a este medico sin temor a equivocarme. Aparte del doctor, su equipo formado por profesionales es realmente unico, desde Diana que llega a tu domicilio para los primeros masajes, te ayuda con los medicamentos y a darte indicaciones de como cuidarte, Dahiana que es unica, yo debia regresar a mi trabajo y ella se encargo de hacerlo posible, haciendome sentir super bien y totalmente drenada, Dianita en consulta, es una dulsura y excelente esteticista tambien. Muchas gracias Dr. L Guevara por todo lo que hizo por mi, que Dios lo bendiga! (Translated by Google) 100% satisfied, my experience with Dr. L Guevara and his team was incredible. The professionalism, dedication and experience are remarkable. Without a doubt, I can recommend this doctor without fear of being wrong. Apart from the doctor, his team made up of professionals is really unique, from Diana who comes to your home for the first massages, helps you with the medications and gives you instructions on how to take care of yourself, Dahiana who is unique, I had to return to my work and she She was in charge of making it possible, making me feel super good and totally drained, Dianita in consultation, she is a sweetness and an excellent beautician too. Thank you very much Dr. L Guevara for everything you did for me, God bless you!Pamela Viquez RojasSeptember 6, 2022
Muy contrario a su opinion, me parece excelente Dr, tiene una muy buena atención y es muy, muy profesional 😊🙏 (Translated by Google) Quite contrary to your opinion, I think he is an excellent Dr, he has very good attention and is very, very professional 😊🙏Elisa LesmesSeptember 2, 2022
Everything with my surgery went excellent. Dr. Guevara gave me a lots of info about my procedure. Outstanding clinic with great service and superb nurses. Total satisfaction. I give them the highest score (10). I have to emphasize that the follow up after the surgery was so incredible, checking on my health status every other day. Dr. Guevara is incredible and he explained to me that he uses a very special procedure that no other people applied and the results speak for themselves. Thank you Dr. Guevara and extent my gratitud to all your personal.Juan Carlos ZambranoJuly 29, 2022
Muy muy feliz por el resultado de la cirugia. Llevo 15 dias depues de la rino y mamoplastia y estoy feliz. Es el mejor cirujano plastico, es un amor de persona, detalista y profesional. Gracias doc!! Recomendadisimo. (Translated by Google) Very very happy with the result of the surgery. I have been 15 days after the rhino and mammoplasty and I am happy. He is the best plastic surgeon, he is a loving person, detail-oriented and professional. Thanks doc!! Highly recommended.linda barbosaMay 31, 2022
El Dr. Guevara es un excelente profesional, confianza absoluta en él y satisfecha con mis procedimientos. Trabaja con un equipo muy profesional. Lo recomiendo al 100% (Translated by Google) Dr. Guevara is an excellent professional, I trust him completely and I am satisfied with my procedures. Work with a very professional team. I recommend it 100%Alexandra RodriguezMay 16, 2022
Desde la primera consulta con el doctor me sentí muy cómoda, es decir me sentí como en familia... con tranquilidad para hablar...el día de la cirugía me encantó la logistica, el equipo medico y de enfermeras todos super amables.. . Y tras la cirugía debi señalar que cada vez que pregunto por el chat cualquier inuietud la respuesta es inmediata.. recomendaría al doctor y su equipo sin duda. (Translated by Google) From the first consultation with the doctor I felt very comfortable, that is, I felt like family... with peace of mind to talk... on the day of the surgery I loved the logistics, the medical team and the nurses, all super friendly... . And after the surgery I should have pointed out that every time I ask for any inuietence on the chat, the response is immediate... I would recommend the doctor and his team without a doubt.Francia RodriguezMay 14, 2022
Excelente doctor! Trabajos de primera! (Translated by Google) Excellent doctor! Top Jobs!Veronica CruzMay 12, 2022
Dr Guevara excelente profesional su trabajo es impecable un equipo de trabajo maravilloso . excelente persona desde el día 1 te genera una confianza súper chévere tiene una energía súper, maravillosos resultados quede enamorada de mi resultado algo maravilloso lo recomiendo al 💯 (Translated by Google) Dr Guevara excellent professional his work is impeccable a wonderful work team. excellent person since day 1 generates super cool confidence has super energy, wonderful results fell in love with my result something wonderful I recommend him to 💯Kimberly PiñeroMay 11, 2022
Excelente ser humano, profesional. Lo recomiendo como el mejor (Translated by Google) Excellent human being, professional. I recommend it as the bestGina MatíasMay 11, 2022
Muy buena la atención la Cirugia y muy amables tanto en la clínica como el dr Guevara que es el mejor operando, la mejor experiencia y súper recomendable el post operatorio también y los masajes que incluye están siempre atentos a responder las preguntas y dudas que una tiene🥰🥰🥰 (Translated by Google) Very good attention to surgery and very friendly both in the clinic and in Dr. Guevara, who is the best operator, the best experience and the post-operative is also highly recommended and the massages that it includes are always attentive to answer the questions and doubts that one has. 🥰🥰🥰Katia FallaqueMay 11, 2022
Súper feliz con los resultados de mi hermana! Excelente servicio! (Translated by Google) Super happy with my sister's results! Excellent service!Bethzaida MatiasMay 11, 2022
Dessiree ChaparroMay 11, 2022
Cristina OverlinMay 11, 2022
Sin duda alguna el mejor (Translated by Google) Without a doubt, the bestRosedith RodriguezMay 11, 2022
rosemary pizarroMay 11, 2022
Hola mi nombre es Olga Gaete Araya de Chile y quiero que sepan que para mí el doctor J. Guevera es el mejor cirujano que he conocido ya que logro mi sueño y me siento realmente más femenina y mujer de lo que me sentía antes de conocerlo ya que yo me opere en Chile el 2019 con el doctor Sergio Sepulveda en santiago y tuve una mala cirugía de abdominoplastia que me dejó muy desilusionada y con un sueño roto de verme hermosa… busque un cirujano en chile quien me volviera a realizar la cirugía y nadie quiso atenderme es por eso que al contactar al doctor Guevara no dudo en entenderme y prepararse para intervenirme el día 04 de marzo me opero y hoy ya a 12 días de recuperación se notan los resultados aún cuando él indica que estoy hinchada yo me siento feliz y agradecida de su excelente trabajo y equipo humano con el cual se asiste.. no tengo más que palabras de gratitud y alegria al verme y sentirme realizado un verdadero sueño.. gracias doctor 🙂 (Translated by Google) Hello, my name is Olga Gaete Araya from Chile and I want you to know that for me Dr. J. Guevera is the best surgeon I have ever met since I have achieved my dream and I really feel more feminine and woman than I felt before I met him. that I had surgery in Chile in 2019 with Dr. Sergio Sepulveda in Santiago and I had a bad abdominoplasty surgery that left me very disappointed and with a broken dream of seeing myself beautiful… I looked for a surgeon in Chile who would perform the surgery again and nobody He wanted to attend to me, that is why when I contacted Dr. Guevara, I did not hesitate to understand me and prepare to intervene on March 4, I had surgery and today, 12 days into recovery, the results are noticeable even when he indicates that I am swollen, I feel happy and grateful for your excellent work and the human team with which you assist... I have nothing but words of gratitude and joy to see me and feel a true dream come true... thank you doctor 🙂Olga GaeteMarch 15, 2022
El doctor más humano y dedicado a sus pacientes que he conocido . La confianza es tal, que me he realizado procedimientos con el llevo a mis pacientes internacionales a realizarse sus procedimientos con el . El y todo su equipo es espectacular y lo recomiendo 100%. Yo le digo , el #DoctorCurvas ♥️ (Translated by Google) The most human and dedicated doctor to his patients that I have ever met. Trust is such that I have had procedures done with him, I take my international patients to have their procedures done with him. He and his entire team are spectacular and I recommend him 100%. I tell him, the #DoctorCurvas ♥️Raisa AracelisMarch 1, 2022
Mi procedimiento fue Rinoplastia, desde el momento uno de consulta, hasta la atención en la clínica, instalaciones, y trato del Doctor, me pareció excelente, tiene un equipo muy profesional, y tiene un talento enorme. Han pasado solamente 15 días después de la cirugía, pero ya me retiró los puntos y pude ver cómo quedó mi nariz, la primera impresión a pesar que aún falta por desinflamar, ME ENCANTÓ. Recomendaría 100% al Doctor, es muy profesional, sabe lo mejor para cada caso y atiende cualquier duda antes, durante y después de cirugía. Más feliz no puedo estar. (Translated by Google) My procedure was Rhinoplasty, from the moment of consultation, to the attention in the clinic, facilities, and treatment of the Doctor, I found it excellent, he has a very professional team, and he has enormous talent. It has been only 15 days after the surgery, but the stitches have already been removed and I could see how my nose turned out, the first impression despite the fact that it still needs to reduce inflammation, I LOVED IT. I would 100% recommend the Doctor, he is very professional, knows the best for each case and answers any questions before, during and after surgery. I could not be happier.Karen Lorena Beltran AponteFebruary 16, 2022
(Translated by Google) I had my jug ears operated by him and I am really very satisfied! You notice with Dr. Guevara that he is a very experienced surgeon. Also is very nice, helpful and the price for the opera was really fair. (Original) Ich habe meine Segelohren von ihm operieren lassen und bin wirklich sehr zufrieden! Man merkt bei Dr. Guevara, dass er ein sehr erfahrener Chirurg ist. Außerdem ist sehr nett, hilfsbereit und der Preis für die Oper war wirklich fair.Camilo CruzJanuary 26, 2022